subnetzero (shivelycore) wrote in bco,

This Saturday...

I'm intentionally not cutting this because I want it to be big and catch your attention.

The Adele Collins benefit is this Saturday in E'town. It starts early and will run until almost midnight. I hope ALL of you reading this that live near Louisville or have a way here will come out. As it stands at this moment Adele will not be able to pay her insurance premium this month much less her prescription drug costs. It's very important that you come out and not just to see my crappy band's last show.

For any of you that cannot make it and want to help please visit At the very least each of you who read this please click that link and donate whatever you can via paypal even if it's only 1 dollar.

I'm going to post the flyer again and for those of you that do wish to come and see us play our last see we are currently set to play at 10:55 PM but please come out, see other bands and support Adele.

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