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hey how goes it!??!

Hey how is it???

Last night, I watched, in their entirety:

The Benchwarmers (2006, Dennis Dugan)
This movie is terrible. I wasn't planning on watching the whole thing, but it was only 85 minutes long and I was in a weird position to get up and change it/take it out. The one funny thing about it is the scenario of three men battling 11-13 year olds in baseball. The other funny thing about it is about 3 of David Spade's lines. Other than that, it is terrible, and if you haven't seen it, you can imagine why.

The Return (2003, Andrei Zvyagintsev)
I am almost finished with this film. This film is awesome for its moderate shroud of mystery in its production. Costing under $500,000 (or so suggested) and having all backers paid back before it even made it to the Venice film festival is weird. It's shot incredibly. There are some scenes that just make me never want to pick up a camera. I get the feeling that this took years of planning with weird remote locations that render brilliant shots. I can't get over this film and I haven't finished it.

Le Samourai (1967, Jean-Pierre Melville)
AH! This is great. I love Melville. The minimal amount of dialogue to keep the plot moving, the use of location shots that could have been trite are brough to three-dimensional life. Alain Delon is ideal for this movie, as is everyone else. The lack of any concept of cause and effect in this film that would normally make me groan is lost here because of Melville's focus really being on a character and not a plot though I think some of this is lost at times.

Final Destination 3 (2006, James Wong)
Great on DVD. I didn't watch the Theatrical Version. The DVD gives you the option of choosing people's fates by making decisions seemingly unconsequential that can change much of the movie. I don't know if this has done before, but to my knowledge, no. I have seen many worse movies along the same lines. Only two sets of full-breasts and the length of time you endure this necessary silliness of late teen horror-thriller-supernatural film is determined by the fate you choose. We went back and watched some changes...There were slight continuity problems, mainly with one character, but overall it was well-done.

I'm going to finish Solaris (which I started in feb of 2005) and Coronacion today. I am also watching Palindromes and am getting close to the end, I think.
I am going to be starting 3-Iron after this.
What are you watching?

TOP 5 7"s of punk / hardcore I rediscovered that are still awesome
7"s I haven't listened to in well over 5 years and I just pulled out to see if they were still totally sick...

Party of Helicopters 7"
The best PoH release aside from (MAYBE!) the split 7" with Underground Asian Movement. Both are good. This takes it. Hearing old Dinosaur Jr and Shudder to Think try to hurry up and get their songs finished because they simply don't have enough time because they are young. When you are young, you have no time. So, hurry.

Saint James Infirmary 7"
HA! Yes, I like the full-length, but this beast is IT! This is the best hardcore $2 could buy in 1998. Allied Recordings is totally missed. I think this is BETTER now than it was then. It's so well-played.

Man I Fell in Love With 7"
If I listened to this past 1998, I would be surprised. It's so good, the whole thing. In the context of then and the lack of post-Sonic Youth indie rock explosion in the mainstream, it's much more enjoyable. Another Donut Friends gem.

I'm not through all my 7"s yet, but I'm inventorying (!!) them, so we'll see. I know there is some sickness in this pile.
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